GISMETEO: Researchers have discovered mysterious “alien” holes on the ocean floor – Science and space

The ocean never ceases to amaze its explorers with what can sometimes be found in it. In particular, when the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s submersible was exploring the largely unexplored North Atlantic Ridge, at a depth of 2.6 kilometers, it stumbled upon perfectly aligned holes in the seabed.


These holes were not discovered for the first time, as two sea explorers stumbled upon them back in 2004, but they could only guess about the origin of the holes. Then experts suggested that some organism living at the bottom could make them, but the creatures that would be capable of this are still unknown, so the reason for the appearance of these holes remains a mystery.

Internet users in the comments to the publication of the department on social networks offered many different theories about the origin of the mysterious holes. They ranged from holes in the bottom made by escaping gas or a human submersible digging for treasure, to ants or even aliens.

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