Giselle Blondet will undergo a breast explant in search of better health

The actress and presenter Giselle Blondet shared that these days she will undergo a breast explant or breast implant removal due to symptoms related to implant disease and that affect her rheumatoid arthritis condition.

He shared the details of the surgical process he decided to undergo on a day to celebrate his 58th birthday, on January 9, through a video he posted on his Facebook account.

“Many years ago I had implants to lift my breasts, because after three pregnancies I was not very comfortable with how they looked,” she shared. “I have posts that are textured and closely related to what is now known as implant disease. I constantly have a lot of pain, headache, fatigue, and I have already seen many cases where diseases like mine, which is rheumatoid arthritis, have been related to breast implant disease ”.

I say that, being an elective operation, he prefers to do it now and not continue to wait and that, perhaps, it will impair his quality of life.

“I am turning 58 years old and I really am not interested in having this type of elective operation at 60, at 70 years old, I prefer to do it now, so take a good look at me because I am going to tell you about the whole process, and I hope that, when I no longer have those foreign objects in my body, the pain in my hands disappears, my wrist improves (right), I have a fracture here, my pains improve, sleep better, feel that I can focus better on things and other symptoms that then I will speak to them calmly ”, he continued.

Often anticipated that it will be in the hands of a surgeon who specializes in this type of extractions.

Blondet participated as a judge in the recent edition of “Our Latin Beauty” (Univision), more than being active in social networks with different initiatives of entrepreneurship aimed at women.

She is also observed very dedicated to her role as the grandmother of a granddaughter and a grandson, the fruits of her daughters Gabriella and Andrea, respectively.



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