Giselle Blondet reveals her oldest daughter suffered a heart attack after giving birth

On April 22 Giselle Blondet lived one of the happiest days of his life with the birth of his second grandson, Liam Gabriel. Little could the presenter imagine at that moment the nightmare her family was about to experience. And it is that just a week after the arrival of the baby, Giselle’s firstborn, Andrea, suffered a heart attack while nursing the newborn that could have cost her life.

The driver, who until now had not had enough strength to be able to tell what happened, was encouraged to share it this Monday with the intention of publicly thanking all the angels who crossed her path in those painful days and who managed to save her life. life to his “butterfly”, as he affectionately calls his first-born.

“On April 22 my new grandson Liam Gabriel was born, you have already seen him, he is a beauty and truly a great blessing for many reasons. One of them because his mother Andrea, my eldest daughter, my little butterfly, fought a lot for that pregnancy and finally that day on April 22nd she achieved her dream of becoming a mom. A week later, my daughter was nursing Liam early in the morning and she suffered a heart attack. They call it a spontaneous heart dissection, something I seems to have understood that it is related to postpartum. It happens to a very small percentage of women, but let’s say that most cases are fatal “, the former driver of Wake up America.

Giselle, who has 1 million followers on Instagram alone, acknowledged that “they were very hard times” since her daughter’s life hung by a thread.

“The moment they tell me that she is very ill, that they did not know what was going to happen, I understood when parents say: ‘Why to one of our children and not to us?'” eyes the 57-year-old presenter. “Andrea had to be immobile for several days because she had that machine pumping her heart. It’s incredible how Andrea, my little butterfly, kept calm all the time, grateful…”.

Fortunately, thanks to the quick and successful intervention of the doctors, Giselle’s daughter managed to overcome this hard blow and today she lives to tell about it.

“Today my daughter Andrea is alive, she’s fine, she’s getting better and better, she’s enjoying her son, Liam,” he said. “The most important thing and the intention of this video is to thank what that hospital and its spectacular doctors did for my daughter, they gave her life back”.


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