girl locked in the house with a stranger

As in a latest generation reality show, a woman in China is locked up at home with a man she was meeting on a blind date. To “bar” the doors was the lockdown imposed by the Chinese authorities in the city of Zhengzhou. The story was told by the person concerned, who posted photos and videos of the incident on the Chinese social network WeChat, becoming viral. the zero Covid protocol implemented in China forced her to stay at the man’s house until a few hours earlier he was an unknown emeritus.

The idea of ​​the appointment the girl’s parents had had it, who hoped to help her find a husband. He had already known, unsuccessfully, four men, but at the fifth meeting there is the unexpected. Wang (this is the name of the unfortunate woman) had been invited to the man’s house for a dinner, when she discovered that the entire area had been subjected to a severe lockdown due to some infections detected in the neighborhood. For four days she was banned from going out, reports the “BBC”.

A situation that the woman defined as “not ideal”, even though the man gave her all the necessary space and cooked for her. Zengzhou, which has almost two million inhabitants, is among the cities subject to lockdown, due to the prevention plan wanted by the government in view of the Winter Olympics next February. Wang’s story is not an isolated case. A man was stuck without food in an apartment he was moving to.

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