SAN PEDRO SULA, HONDURAS.- Alarmed are the parents of a minor who disappeared since Sunday (June 27), after joining a group of WhatsApp about video game fans. They believe that this caused his disappearance.

According to the complaint made by her parents in Santa Rosa de Copán, the young woman Glenda Abigail Alvarado (12), along with other minors, they would have left their homes under the deception of people who would be manipulating the group of video games.

Although the parents have managed to communicate with her – since she took the same cell phones with which she played the video game and with which she kept in contact with the group – she does not reveal details of her whereabouts, she only says that she is fine.

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Her relatives suspect that she, along with other minors, would be traveling to the United States “cajoled” by the persons responsible for her disappearance.

The complaint was made public through different media in the area and has been replicated nationwide in order to find his whereabouts.

If anyone has information or data that helps to find Glenda Abigail, they can contact (+504) 9977-0323.

They disappeared after using social networks

The disappearance of minors after meeting people through social networks is nothing new in the country and unfortunately there are other similar cases. It is necessary to be alert and verify what minors do online and with whom they contact.

In February 2021, José Omar López Ramírez, barely 17 years old, was found dead in the Tiloarque neighborhood of the capital. The young man left his home to meet a woman who contacted him through the social network Facebook and with whom he had spoken for several weeks.

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Last year Oscar Barrera (16) disappeared after dating a woman he met through Facebook. Sadly, his body was found about 10 days later in advanced decomposition and even eaten by birds of prey.

In 2017, Marjori Suyapa Euceda and Bessy Lorena Flores, both 20 years old, met some young people through the popular social network, so after long conversations they decided to take the next step and get to know each other. Their bodies were found shortly after.

In 2016, three months after disappearing, the skeleton of Eduar Enrique Hernandez (23) in Santa Lucía, Francisco Morazán. The young man had arranged to meet an attractive woman he met on Facebook, so he started his motorcycle and set out in search of love, but no more was heard from him.

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In 2015, the lifeless body of the minor Antoni Josele Espinal Ramírez (13) – tortured and murdered after going on a date with ‘his virtual girlfriend’ – was found floating in the Chamelecón river in La Lima, Cortés.

Additionally, the western zone, more than any other region of the country, has registered in previous years cases of minors who are taken from their homes under deceit for criminal purposes.