The Asturian Equestrian Club (Chas) is the scene since yesterday and until Sunday of a four-star national competition with a very large participation, 318 horses in yesterday's day and the leading role of Asturian riders. The list of registered is important with names like Pedro Veniss, Cayetano Martínez de Irujo, Juan Antonio de Wit, Gerardo Menéndez or Iván Serrano.

Leonardo Medal and Kevin González de Zárate divided the first four positions of the big test, 1.35 tall and "Dos Phases" scales. Kevin achieved the first position with "Recesvinto" and was fourth with "Calipso van de Bergdalhoeve Z", while the Spaniard was second with "Sultan de Ramel" and third with "King of Gozón". In 1.35 there were two tests, the second for young horses. In this case the winner was Ismael García Roque with "Gray Man" followed by Andalusian Ignacio Astolfi with "Carnac Desperrets" and the Basque Kevin González de Zárate on "Khaleesi de Walayro". In 1.10 height and scale "Dos Phases" three Asturians were imposed: Alejandro Álvarez with "Califa SQ", Carlos González-Saavedra with "Gala" and Daniela Hevia with "Rosario D´Amaury".

At 1.20 and scale "A with stopwatch" the victory went to Carlos García riding "Conquistadora" followed by Jaime Astolfi with "Lex des Hutins" and the Asturian Celia Ardura over "Dasphanomen P".

About 1.30, two tests were held, both with "A with stopwatch" scale, one of them for young horses, in which the winner was the Spaniard Igor Maestre with "Bayron SFM" followed by also the Asturian Miguel Honrubia with "Quark de Previlly Z "and Canarian Ismael García Roque with" Intermezzo ". In the other event of this height the victory was also local with Leonardo Medal riding "Rebeca M" and after him Kevin González de Zárate qualified with "Cancoon de Maluga" and Diego Porres with "Chivas van Orshof".

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