Gifted Mexican girl will study medicine in the United States

A 10-year-old Mexican girl, originally from Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, It has not only become news in his country but also in the United States because in a few months he will begin studying medicine at a university in the nation.

This is thanks to the fact that some time ago, after being evaluated by various specialists, Michelle was classified as a gifted girl, since he has an IQ of 158, 2 points less than Albert Einstein’s.

“When she started preschool, we did notice a difference. It was a girl who isolated herself a little, she said that the children in her room were babies, since they were the same age,” explained her mother, Karina Guillén, in an interview for a television station. local.

In a couple of years, the girl managed to finish her primary and secondary studies; she recently took the Ceneval test in order to obtain her high school certificate, which allowed him to enroll in a university in the US to make his dream come true: to study medicine.

The little girl will start studying for a degree in the United States. The first 2 years will be studied virtually, from his hometown. Subsequently, she must follow the race already in face-to-face mode.

“She is happy to be able to be in a space where she feels that she is going to acquire a lot of knowledge in relation to what she likes, but it is something that we feel excited, nervous, that is how the whole family is,” said her mother. .

“So proud and so excited to see what awaits me at college,” added Michelle.

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That’s how they discovered that she was gifted

The first signs that Michelle gave that she was gifted were when she was a year and a half old because she already spoke not only in Spanish but also in English. She currently she is also fluent in French, Italian and German.

In the same way, he likes art because he draws and paints, in addition to playing the piano.

He is also skilled in sports, especially swimming, basketball, and a black belt in tae kwondo.

Arellano wants all children to have learning opportunities and knows that only by making an effort is it achieved and he sends them a message: “Study hard and those who are like me should tell their parents that they feel different from other children so that who can help them.”

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