Giampaolo: «Sampdoria is part of me. The derby is worth dying for “

Marco Giampaolo, Sampdoria coach, commented on the criticisms received in recent weeks: his words

Marco Giampaolocoach of the Sampdoria, commented on the criticisms received in recent weeks. The words of him, in the press conference, at the end of derby won against Genoa.

CRITICAL – “The criticisms I’m used to. I don’t read the newspapers, I’m not social. If it were up to me you would not earn a euro (laughs ed). It’s part of the job, I know. But I have never regretted returning to Sampdoria because Sampdoria is part of me. I got involved. I go ahead fast for what my job is. I have no revenge to take. I just have to do my job. I’m happy for the team and for the fans. I must say that this job is beautiful when you win these games in front of this type of public and it repays you for bitterness and disappointment. Being a Sampdoria coach is worth dying for this type of match ».



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