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Well, final fantasy a lot.

Sorry, but FF is a very poorly chosen argument….
Have you ever played FF at all? Of all the series in gaming, this is perhaps the one where the games share the least with each other. Especially when you look at that golden series. 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Those games don’t resemble each other in almost any way. Lore, story, world, mechanics, artstyle. You could give each of them different titles and it was credible. That even happened once.

FF8 was just about the least secure choice you could have come up with after FF7. That game went the other way in almost every way, with Squaresoft having just made their most successful game (and by far the most successful PS1 game) by a huge distance. Dan Xenogears, which was started as a project to become the next FF, but retitled because that game was too dark.

Resident evil remade remaster zoveel.

That’s 3 right? Over a span of.. nearly 20 years?

Moreover, RE2 R is without a doubt one of the best remakes… ever? Pretty much the opposite of those downright insulting low effort cash grabs.
No, not FF7 Remake, Shadow of the Colossus and Demon’s Souls. More of this please.

Blizzard had to go nuts twice before they came up with it.. Maybe we should respect our player a little more??? Because Diablo 2 R I’m seriously curious about. SC1 and WC3 -> just plain offensive.

And yes.. If you go searching, safe choices are also made in Japan… No frkn shit. If you search you will always find examples of something. But according to it, it was more that sort of general ‘wacko Japan sentiment.

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