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It was discussed for months: Team Trump would be developing its own social media platform. This, of course, because Donald Trump and other conservatives are banned everywhere and nowhere because they dare to hold a different opinion than the left-wing elites. Well, it’s finally here: the new platform is called GETTR and, although it will be officially launched on July 4, you can already create an account and join the conversation!

This is nothing more or less than a victory for freedom, and more specifically for the freedom of expression. Team Trump has created a nice new platform. It’s very similar to Twitter, which isn’t surprising since it was Donald Trump’s favorite platform until he got banned there, and it works really well.

Because yes, although the official launch takes place on July 4, the American Independence Day, the website is already reachable. You can already become a member. You can already download the app from Google Play and Apple’s AppStore. And you can already post.

The website is The name, GETTR, comes from the words GETTING TOGETHER. The big boss of the project is Jason Miller, Trump’s chief adviser/political assistant. Against Fox News Miller says it’s meant to “eventually become a global platform — not just for conservatives in the United States.”

And, he says, of course he also wants as many people as possible, with as many views as possible to join.

Of course I have already joined GETTR, and it is my plan to use this account very actively. You can follow me here. Do that and I will of course follow you back.

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Because we right-wing people have to fight together. Let’s face it, we are not welcome on most left-wing social media. We may be somewhat tolerated for the time being, but even if we are, we are systematically harassed with warnings, suspensions, and so-called shadow bans. The latter means that your account is active, that you will not be thrown off, but that no one sees your posts because the social media hide your posts.

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So long live Team Trump. And yes, although Miller says he is not yet sure that Trump will immediately join GETTR on July 4, I personally think that the chance is very high. Because yes, this is a product of his team… and the fourth of July was of course deliberately chosen for its grand opening.

So: become a member, and follow me! Give me a few minutes and I’ll follow you back. Let’s have some fun!



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