Getting a Tan: 7 Tips to Stay Tan Longer |

Getting a Tan: 7 Tips to Stay Tan Longer |

After a great vacation, you probably want to keep your tan for as long as possible. With a few tips and tricks, your complexion will stay tanned after the summer.

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Get a tan: With these tips it works

In order to keep the tan from the summer vacation for a long time, you should prepare your skin before sunbathing.

  1. Before sunbathing you should check your skin regularly peel. When you sunbathe, this leads to the skin tanning more evenly.
  2. Avoid sunburn. Before sunbathing, apply a sufficient amount of cream sun lotion one that has a high sun protection factor. If you stay in the sun for a long time, you have to remember to apply sunscreen regularly.
  3. After sunbathing, the skin needs humidity. Therefore, apply a moisturizing lotion after showering. Ideally, it is one After-Sun Product my Aloe Vera.
  4. have a shower you should also always directly after you have bathed in the sea. The salt dries out the skin and causes it to flake. The cleansing shower after a day at the beach should only be lukewarm and should not be carried out for too long.
  5. Eat foods containing carotene such as carrots and red fruits such as raspberries, blueberries or blackberries. This not only supports your tan (carotene makes the skin appear darker), but also your complexion, which appears even thanks to the food.
  6. Furthermore, it is important that you drink more than usual. If there are no health reasons against it, increase the amount you drink by 0.5 liters per sunny day. Mineral water and unsweetened teas are best.
  7. Melanin is responsible for the brown complexion. The more you are in the sun, the more melanin is produced. This means: even if you have returned home from vacation, you should protect yourself with skin protection stay in the sun a lotto maintain melanin production and enjoy the holiday sun for a long time to come.
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With a few simple tips and tricks, you can keep your tan long after your vacation. imago images / Panthermedia

In addition to the tan, you also get the holiday feeling

The holiday is over and you arrive home. If it was nice and restful, they will probably feed on it for a long time and remember the good times. Right here you have already found the first starting point. Keep the holiday feeling for as long as possible.

  • Come back from vacation tactically smart. For example, start work on a Thursday or Friday. So you’ve only worked a day or two and it’s already the weekend to reminisce.
  • This also includes getting enough sleep and gradually returning to everyday life.
  • Look often at photos from your vacation and hang up printed pictures in the kitchen or in the study. A quick glance is enough and you are back at the place you love.
  • Cook a few dishes that you liked to eat on vacation at home. Drink the holiday wine or cocktail in the evening and remember.

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