Get vaccinated at McDonald’s and receive a coupon to eat free

California, United States. /

Can you imagine going to get vaccinated and being rewarded with a super promotion from the largest fast chain in the world? This is not a dream and the health authorities make it possible.

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) recently announced a new partnership for the immunization program Vaccinate All 58 with the fast food chain McDonald’s to increase the efforts of vaccination, establishing more than 70 temporary clinics in different company locations throughout the state.

“We know that convenience is key to increasing vaccination rates, so the state has worked closely with companies to ensure that COVID-19 vaccines are available to the people,” said the California epidemiologist, Erica Pan.

The health authorities selected strategic points in the state where there has been a lower vaccination rate, increasing access to the antigen and meeting the needs of the population.

Who can get vaccinated?

During these vaccination days, vaccines will be offered to all employees of McDonald’s, as well as their family members and the general public who are eligible to receive the dose.

“This new partnership is an opportunity to not only make vaccination sites more accessible to the thousands of McDonald’s employees in California, but it also supports the communities where they serve,” said Pan.

People who get their vaccine at these sites will receive a coupon redeemable for something from the menu completely free. No appointment is required to qualify for the vaccine and the promotion.

You can find vaccination sites at some chain restaurants in the following counties:

The Angels




San Bernardino

San Diego

San Francisco

Santa Clara




Check the participating restaurants, as well as the vaccines to be administered in the official list by clicking HERE.



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