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Medicine in general has taken giant steps in recent years, since walk hand in hand with general science and each of its innovations. It is true that there is still a long way to go, but what exists in today’s world seems to be taken from the Science fiction.

Therefore, we are going to learn about some of the medical treatments that are currently practiced on patients and that you have probably only seen on television or in the movies.

To what is currently being executed in sophisticated health centers, some of the projects that are in their testing phases are added; same as by simply reading what they will be able to achieve, they render obsolete what surprises us today.

Science points to two types of pathways. First of all, develops the rejuvenation of the organs. For now there are only theories and only some tests on animals. But the path that is being traveled is going at a good speed.

The other path is that of exploring the neurology. For example achieve rebuild O reactivate the cells O nerves on people who have lost movement of limbs or speech, is one of the biggest challenges. It is difficult, but it is being studied. Everything, but absolutely everything, is in the brain.

But let’s not dwell on the future. We are going to focus on what is current and on these five medical treatments that the Gizmodo portal highlights.

Five surprising scientific treatments

  • Advanced robotic surgeons: a robot that performs a surgical intervention is a reality. During tests carried out on pigs, the machines showed better precision than human surgeons. The device is called STAR and was developed by scientists at Johns Hopkins.
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  • Stimulate the brain to treat depression: Stimulation of the brain through slight shocks of electricity is something that science has been doing with medicine for a long time. The novelty in this case is that they were able to identify the cells that cause depression and by influencing them they manage to appease it.
  • Lenses that offer medications: Anyone who wears or used contact lenses knows what it is to suffer from itchy eyes. Well, with this innovation, science managed to manufacture a pair of ocular plates that release substances to avoid discomfort. It opens the door for drugs to be applied to treat eye conditions in the future.
  • Gene therapy: surely you have heard this term and do not know what it is. Gene Therapy wants to eradicate an ailment or disease so, but so deeply rooted that it is capable of modifying or editing the genes to correct a malformation. Achieving this milestone would also mean stopping hereditary diseases.
  • pig organ transplants: Although the first one we reviewed did not turn out well after all, it was, in principle, successfully carried out. So, this has been the really important thing that the human body did not reject the organ of an animal and managed to function exactly two months until its death.



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