Get these 9 free Xbox games through the Microsoft Store

Although with services like Xbox Game Pass the demand for free games has dropped somewhat for those who are subscribed to the Microsoft service, the truth is that it is always positive to get games at no cost, as happens every week at Epic Games Store. Well, although many of them have been available for some time, today we bring you 9 free Xbox games to purchase through the Microsoft Store.

As we said, some of these free Xbox games have been available for a long time, as is the case with Crackdow, Crackdow 2 or Too Human. However, we make this compilation for you so that you have these games more at hand, the vast majority of them being backwards compatible titles.

Get these 9 free Xbox games through the Microsoft Store

As we have mentioned, the first two installments of the Crackdown franchise are one of the 9 free Xbox games that we can currently find in the Microsoft Store. If you have never played this saga, or have only tried the third installment, it is the perfect time to play it. Then we leave you the list of the 9 free Xbox games.

So if one of these games calls to you, now is the perfect time to redeem them and have them available in your Xbox library. We do not know how long they will be available, so if you want them, hurry up and acquire them as soon as possible.

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