Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Home News Get ready for the snow: Toronto could reach 15 cm on Monday

Get ready for the snow: Toronto could reach 15 cm on Monday

Expect a snowy day in Toronto.

Light snow should start early in the morning, becoming heavier in the afternoon and early evening,

Prepare for 5 to 10 cm of snow in the afternoon and evening, and then 2 to 5 cm more overnight, said Weiqing Zhang, a meteorologist at Environment Canada.

Up to 15 cm of snow could fall overall, she said.

Environment Canada warns that there could be up to 25 cm of snow in Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton and Niagara.

Snow will affect travel

Get ready for a messy ride. The snow will affect travel in Toronto – especially during afternoon trips, according to the agency.

The snow will probably decrease by Tuesday morning – but "it will be cold" after that, Zhang said.

People close to the lake should expect more snow, she said.

Environment Canada warns that white may be on Monday in Toronto. (Gary Graves / CBC)

City preparing salt trucks, plows

Eric Holmes, spokesperson for the City of Toronto, said Eric Holmes, spokesperson for the City of Toronto.

Once there is 2.5 to 5 cm of snow on the ground, the plows will go on the streets.

"There are a few scenarios that staff are considering, given the weather forecast," Holmes said.

"The staff is considering both the rain this afternoon and the snow tomorrow, as well as the temperature fluctuations."


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