“Get it for life – no options.” The student who arranged the shooting at the Perm university was recognized as sane

To save life, doctors amputated part of Bekmansurov’s left leg

Photo: Boris MERKUSHEV

Timur Bekmansurov, who staged a massacre at the Perm classical university, was declared sane. This is the conclusion reached by experts who provided the Investigative Committee with the results of a comprehensive psychological and psychiatric examination.

Realized that he was killing people

The tragedy, we recall, happened on September 20, 2021. That morning, a first-year student arrived at the university with a hunting rifle loaded with buckshot. He walked through the territory of the university and shot at people who came across on his way. Six people died, more than 40 received gunshot wounds and injuries (they jumped out of the windows of the audience, fleeing the criminal).

There could have been more victims – the criminal’s patronage contained 105 rounds, and he managed to shoot only about 30 times. On the way of the student was 29-year-old policeman Konstantin Kalinin, who returned fire and neutralized the criminal.

To date, all the victims have already been discharged from hospitals, but some are still undergoing rehabilitation. Bekmansurov himself also spent several weeks in the hospital (his leg was amputated), and then he was arrested and transferred to a pre-trial detention center.

And at the end of last year he was sent to St. Petersburg – for a comprehensive psychological and psychiatric examination, which was carried out in a hospital. For more than a month, experts have been conducting various studies that allow them to draw conclusions about a person’s sanity.

“The doctors came to the conclusion that Bekmasnurov, at the time of the crime, understood what he was doing and realized the consequences of his actions,” a law enforcement source told Komsomolskaya Pravda. – Now he will definitely not get away from criminal responsibility and will receive the punishment that he deserves. Life imprisonment is already without options.

When will the trial begin?

The arrest of Bekmansurov was extended until February 20. By this time, the investigation of the criminal case should be completed.

– So far, he has been charged, so to speak, on duty on the murder of two or more people, as well as attempted murder, – explained the source. – After the completion of all investigative actions, a final charge will be brought and the case will be sent to the court.

– When will this happen?

– This is not an easy and voluminous business. Imprisoning a criminal is one thing, figuring out the reasons and motives for his action so that such tragedies do not happen is another. In addition, in the case of more than 50 victims, for whom medical reports on the severity of harm to health are needed, their claims for causing moral and material harm. A huge number of examinations have been carried out, several more are in the works. But the investigation is being carried out by a whole group of investigators. Most likely, the collection of evidence will be completed in the coming weeks, then the case will be transferred to the prosecutor’s office for approval of the indictment. Further – the court.

– Could there be other persons involved?

– Most likely they will. From among the officials, whose negligence or abuse of authority led to such negative consequences.

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