Get enough sun on your body for vitamin D

Bonn – Vitamin D has a special status among vitamins: we can not only absorb it through food, but also produce it ourselves in the body. But for that we need the sun.

There is a precursor in the skin, and vitamin D is formed from it when exposed to sunlight. According to the Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE), five to 25 minutes a day in the sun with about a quarter of the body uncovered is enough.

Vitamin D can be stored

So enough sun must reach your face, arms and legs. A rule of thumb says: If our shadow outside is shorter than we are tall, we produce enough vitamin D. In Germany, this is the case between April and October. The good thing: Vitamin D can be stored, so you’re prepared for the winter months.

What the BZfE says is usually unnecessary: ​​take additional vitamin D via dietary supplements. However, there are exceptions: Babies, for example, because they are not allowed in direct sunlight. In older people, vitamin D formation decreases and even those who spend little time outdoors may need supplementation with tablets.

But important: Before taking the vitamin D level in the blood must be checked. After that, a discussion with the doctor will decide if and how much to take.

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