The abdomen and the legs they are probably two of the areas of the body that we strive the most to strengthen. The good thing about physical exercise is that you can work the muscle groups you want in many ways. Perhaps you follow a routine in which you always resort to the same exercises, but it is advisable to change from time to time to have different stimuli and continue to improve.

The exercise that we bring you requires a ball O fitball, and it is an ideal activity to strengthen the abdomen (especially the oblique area) and the legs. With this activity, rather than hypertrophy the area, what you will achieve is strengthen it to improve its function.

This exercise requires you to stretch out on the floor and place the ball between your knees. Raise your legs up to a 90º angle, stretch your arms and let your fist touch the ground, with your thumbs facing up. From here, what you should do is move your legs slowly from one side to the other, holding especially with the abdominal area. Make sure your arms and your head do not get off the ground, and that the lumbar is always also in contact with the floor. Let your knees slowly lower to one of the two sides while you breathe in and take in air, and when you return to the starting position, take the opportunity to expel it while you force yourself.

Beyond exercising the abdominal area, you will also work the area of ​​the adductor, since it supports and coordinates with all the muscles exercised in this exercise.

This is a very simple exercise that does not require more than a ball, however, it is important to do it correctly so as not to damage the lower back or others such as the pelvis or legs.

Function of the abdominal area

The abdominal area is very important for day to day. The internal and external obliques, the transverse abdominis, and the rectus abdominis are responsible for protect the viscera. These muscles are also responsible for maintaining an upright and erect posture, as well as controlling breathing.

The aforementioned abdominal area, together with the paralumbar muscles, strengthen the body movements throughout the day, from the moment you get up to the moment you lie back in bed.

Beyond providing movement, it also helps to coordinate certain actions with the brain, the spinal cord and the rest of the organism. Therefore, the abdominals are of great importance for the human body and it is important to strengthen them with activities such as the one we have discussed today.

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