Germany ticket: These mistakes with the 49-euro ticket will be expensive for you

Germany ticket: These mistakes with the 49-euro ticket will be expensive for you

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Trains stand at Frankfurt Main Station.

If you are not careful with the Deutschlandticket, you can quickly make a few mistakes.

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Traveling through Germany by train and bus is easy and inexpensive with the 49-euro ticket. However, you should follow a few rules, otherwise you risk a fine.

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Be able to commute to work every day for only 49 euros a month Weekend excursions through the republic do and sometimes even to travel abroad. All of this is now relatively cheap with the Deutschlandticket.

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Although the ticket is much less complicated than the jungle of tariffs that you would have to fight your way through with various regional providers, there are also a few rules for the 49-euro ticket that must be observed. Otherwise the cheap transport option will quickly turn into a cost trap and you may become a dodger.

So that something like this doesn’t happen to you, we have summarized the most important possible pitfalls in connection with the Germany ticket.

Deutschlandticket: You must observe these rules

The right means of transport: Of course, you can only use the ticket to travel on the trains or buses for which it is also valid: These are all regional express trains, regional and S-Bahn trains throughout Germany, even if they are not operated by Deutsche Bahn. In some cases, the ticket is even valid on trains operated by foreign providers. You can find out which ones they are here.

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Public transport, i.e. buses, underground and trams, are also included – the ticket is also valid for ships that are part of public transport, such as in Hamburg. It doesn’t matter where you bought the 49-euro ticket, it’s valid throughout Germany.

An exception are regional trains, which are not operated by DB Regio but by DB Fernverkehr. The trains are considered intercity trains and are therefore generally excluded – although they are marked as RE in the railway timetable information. An overview of which RE trains you are not allowed to use with the Deutschlandticket, you get here.

You are also not allowed to travel on Flixtrain or Flixbus with the 49-euro ticket, nor are most means of transport that are only used for tourist purposes. If in doubt, you should first find out from the providers of these special railways whether the Deutschlandticket is recognised.

This way you avoid boarding the wrong train and traveling without a valid ticket. Otherwise, for example, Deutsche Bahn could be fined 60 euros.

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The right class: It doesn’t matter which train you’re traveling on – the Deutschlandticket is only valid for second class. It is also not possible to upgrade to first class. Anyone who sits in first class with a 49-euro ticket is therefore considered a fare dodger and must expect a fine.

Rules for children: Children under the age of six do not need their own ticket. From the age of six, however, you need your own ticket, which can be a Germany ticket or another valid ticket.

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Taking other people with you: In contrast to some other ticket subscriptions, with the Deutschlandticket it is not possible to take other people with you free of charge, not even in the evening or at the weekend. The Deutschlandticket is only ever valid for the person to whom it was issued. Therefore, you should always have a valid ID document with you. In some transport associations, however, it is possible to take additional people with you for an extra charge.

A man walks along a platform where a Deutsche Bahn S-Bahn is parked.

With the 49-euro ticket, it is generally not possible to take other people with you on the same ticket.

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Rules for dogs: The Deutschlandticket is not valid for dogs. For these, as long as they are not exempted, a separate ticket must be purchased. Which ticket is required for the dog depends on the respective state association. Unfortunately, you always have to inform yourself about the regional regulations.

Rules for bikes: If you want to take your bike with you, things get a little more complicated. This is only possible free of charge with the Deutschlandticket if the regional transport association allows you to take your bicycle with you free of charge on the respective route or in the tariff area. If this is not the case, an additional ticket for the bicycle must also be purchased with the Deutschlandticket. The Deutsche Bahn explains details about your state on its website.

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So if you want to ride a long distance, you can assume that you need an additional ticket for your bike. This can be purchased from Deutsche Bahn for 6 euros per bicycle and is valid for one day. In some regions, it is only possible to take bicycles with you at certain times. For example, there are bans in some rush hour traffic.

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