Germany is in the final of the European Championship: The semifinals against France can be read in the live ticker

  • Germany is in the final of the EM 2022 and meets England on Sunday.
  • Alexandra Popp scores twice against France.
  • The game to read in the live ticker.

Germany vs France in the live ticker

10:55 p.m.: It’s a dream final: Germany meets England at Wembley Stadium on Sunday! And with that I say goodbye, drunk with joy, and wish you a good night

10:52 p.m.: OFF! THE GAME IS OVER! Germany is in the final of the European Championship!

95. Min: The last minute is running.

94. Min: Oberdorf fouls Diani and gets yellow. It doesn’t matter, the main thing is that the clock is counting down.

91. Min: Five minutes of stoppage time! Why? For what? I find it very exaggerated, after all there were hardly any interruptions.

90. Min: AHHHHHHH, LINDA DALLMANN IS MAKING ME DOWN! She could have closed the sack! But her ball is easily deflected and in my opinion there should have been a corner. But there is repulsion. Voss-Tecklenburg had already celebrated. Too bad.

87. Min: Happy is here! The French are always looking for the great Wenie Renard with high crosses. But Frohms can fend off her header, but it would have been offside anyway.

83. Min: These will be hot final minutes here. France is far from giving up.

80. Min: Voss-Tecklenburg changes again: Hegering goes, Doorsun comes.

79. Min: Puuuuuhhhh, Germany almost caught the immediate equalizer again. Bacha pulls away, but her shot just misses the right goalpost.

Germany takes the lead again

76. Min: GOOOOOOOOR for Germany!! And again it’s Alex Popp who heads in after a cross from Huth! Unbelievable!

And Popp again: You can also rely on the striker in the semifinals in Milton Keynes against France on July 27, 2022. With her two notable goals to 1:0 (40th) and 2:1 (76th) she shoots Germany in a hard-fought game into the final of the European Championship. With her commitment, Popp underlines her role model character, throws herself into both goals and, after her time of suffering, continues to write her personal success story – and that of the team.

© IMAGO/PA Images/Nick Potts

74. Min: Yellow for Gwinn after a foul on Bacha.

69. Min: Double change in Germany: Däbritz and Magull go out, Dallmann and Lohmann come.

67. Min: Hegering with a very stupid back pass into the foot of Diani, who can only run towards the German goal. But you can rely on Merle Frohms.

65. Min: It would be time for a change in the German team.

Double chance for France

64. Min: And the next chance for France after the following corner: Renard heads on goal, Frohms clears with his feet!

63. Min: Bacha with a huge chance for France, but Hendrich clears his head to the corner.

62. Min: There is currently a lack of concentration in the DFB team at one point or another, and many small technical errors creep in.

58. Min: Popp wants to put down a fine pass from Brand, but the ball falls short. France counterattacks, but Popp sprints back and simply clears up the scene she initially caused. That’s a commitment!

56. Min: Oberdorf is on the ground, there is a yellow card for Bacha.

54. Min: You can clearly see that Germany does not want to let this goal sit just before half-time. The DFB team is really making progress here, France have hardly been able to free themselves from their own half so far.

50. Min: A good pass from Huth to Rauch, but she puts the ball too far in front of her. Too bad. Otherwise she would have passed.

48. Min: Lena Oberdorf is also really strong today, clearing a lot here before France even gets close to the penalty area.

47. Min: Germany started this second half with momentum. Lina Magull brings the fourth corner into the penalty area, the ball comes to Huth via detours. She pulls it off, but the ball misses the goal.

The second half begins

46. Min: The game goes on and I just saw that the French equalizer is actually counted as an own goal by Merle Frohms because the ball bounced off her back and into the goal. But actually don’t care. Now everything is back to the beginning.

9:52 p.m.: Of course, I don’t want to deprive them of the extremely competent half-time analysis of my very esteemed colleague Stefan Zürn, which just reached me via Whatsapp: “Underserved 1:1. Nothing comes from France. Bad luck with the goal, Renard can check everything away with impunity, keyword “Star bonus “. I fully agree with this assessment.

9:47 p.m.: We go into halftime 1-1! First time to take a breather.

Goal for Germany – and then the direct compensation

45. Min: Ah, how bitter! There’s the equalizer for France. Diani scores 1:1, the ball bounces off the post and into the goal.

40 min: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR for Germany! And again Alex Popp scores after excellent preparatory work by Brand and Huth. Outstanding and well deserved!

Alexandra Popp scores to make it 1-0.

© IMAGO/Eibner/IMAGO/Eibner/Memmler

35. Min: If I were petty, I would at least think about a penalty whistle. The 1.85 meter tall Renard extends his arm in the penalty area against the 1.66 meter tall Magull. Magull falls, the referee lets it run. I’ll book it under international hardship.

33. Min: The final consequence is still missing from the DFB team. Too often there is still a French foot in the way. In general, the game remains rather disjointed and characterized by fighting on both sides.

30. Min: Jule Brand, who replaces Klara Bühl today, delivers an impressive amount of running here, chasing almost every ball. Her efforts are yet to be rewarded, but she certainly has no trouble coming into play here. Impressive for a 19 year old.

Christmas Fire

© IMAGO/Sports Press Photo/IMAGO/Liam Asman /Womens Football Maga

26. Min: Free kick after a foul on Giulia Gwinn. This time Rauch tries from the right, again the shot is not bad, but it goes over the goal.

25. Min: Germany clearly have the better chances in this game so far. The French react with harshness.

22. Min: Really good free-kick chance for Alex Popp from about 20 meters, the ball is deflected in the wall, but Peyraud-Magnin goes long and saves.

20. Min: The German players are now much more aggressive towards their opponents and put them under pressure. Again and again it comes to ball losses of the French. That’s how it works.

Germany defended.

© IMAGO/Shutterstock/IMAGO/Michael Zemanek/Shutterstock

19. Min: Free-kick for Germany, Lina Magull goes straight for goal, but her shot doesn’t cause any major problems for Peyraud-Magnin.

15. Min: Magull has another good counterattack chance, but Peyraud-Magnin runs out and clears at the last second.

13. Min: First corner for Germany, kicked by Lina Magull. Goalkeeper Peyraud-Magnin palms the ball out of the penalty area, but doesn’t look particularly confident.

11. Min: The game hasn’t been particularly nice to look at yet, but the structure of the game is still too jerky for both teams. The nervousness is palpable.

10. Min: Wow, that could have ended really badly. Hegering misses the pass down Diani’s path, but France cannot benefit from it.

6. Min: Magull with the first attempt of a promising counterattack, but unfortunately gets stuck on the defence.

4. Min: Rauch clears the corner for France. Germany struggles to clear the corner kick quickly, but still manages to free themselves in the end. In any case, France is high and attacks early. In any case, the German defense has a tough task ahead of it today.

3. Min: It won’t be a game for the faint-hearted, that’s clear after the first few minutes. The players don’t give themselves anything here. However, a first free kick for Germany remains rather harmless.

GERFRA is running

1st minute: kick-off

8:59 p.m.: The ball is driven onto the field in a neat little rainbow-colored car.

8:55 p.m.: Leaving aside the somewhat bloodthirsty lyrics, the Marseillaise is a very spirited anthem.

8:54 p.m.: The teams come onto the field. The stadium is sold out. The mood is good.

8:52 p.m.: Giulia Gwinn’s parents with great black, red and gold wigs and flags on their cheeks in the stands. That’s just for information.

8:44 p.m.: It’s raining in Milton Keynes. Fritz-Walter-Weather, or just new Alexandra-Popp-Weather, or something like that.

8:40 p.m.: Good wishes from the highest authority in the Federal Chancellery. What should go wrong now:

8:35 p.m.: Hostess England have already been confirmed as European Championship finalists and the English press leaves no doubt as to which game they would be most up for in the final: “Now bring on Germany in Wembley”, writes “The Sun”. But hey, bring it on!

8:31 p.m.: Klara Bühl is sure that the team will set off fireworks today. Then we just believe that too.

Germany line-up: Brand replaces Bühl

8:30 p.m.: The starting line-up of the German team is already there and it is therefore also clear who will replace Klara Bühl, who is suffering from Corona: The only 19-year-old top talent Jule Brand, who has already proven herself several times as a substitute in this tournament. Otherwise, national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg has not made any changes compared to the game against Austria. It was okay anyway.

8:15 p.m.: A wonderful good evening from the glamorous ticker table here in Munich. My fingers are tingling and a beer is opened next to me. So it’s a football night, just as it should be on such a mild July evening. Now the only thing missing is the DFB team’s entry into the final.

10:00 a.m: It’s getting serious for the DFB women today. The team of national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg is weakened by the corona virus without Klara Bühl in the semifinals against France. There are high hopes for captain Alexandra Popp, who has scored in every European Championship game so far. So why shouldn’t that also work against France? In any case, we will accompany the game from 8:30 p.m. in the live ticker.


Despite a corona case with German attacker Klara Bühl, there is optimism after a perfect performance by German women at the European Championships in England.

Teaser image: © IMAGO/Eibner/IMAGO/Eibner/Memmler

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