Those who eat a healthy and balanced diet are not only fitter, but can also prevent chronic diseases. According to a survey, however, not even half of Germans pay attention to it.

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Vitamins, Nutrients, sufficient fluids: A healthy and balanced diet should be part of everyone’s everyday life so that diseases can be prevented. But as a representative survey by the digital insurance manager Clark now shows, not even every second German consciously eats a balanced and healthy diet.

Eight percent of Germans are vegetarian or vegan

The survey by the market research institute YouGov Germany was carried out in January 2021 with around 1,000 participants. The results show that, among other things, the trend towards vegan and vegetarian diets has increased significantly. Accordingly, eight percent of the study participants stated that they followed a vegan or vegetarian diet in order to live more sustainably.

According to the study, this also has other advantages: for example, kicking Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes or high blood pressure less in vegetarians than in meat eaters. In addition, the body takes less saturated fatty acids or cholesterol on.

Germans are increasingly eating fast food

As early as 2018, every third male adolescent in Germany ate fast food at least once a week; the number was half as high for girls. Since then, the numbers have risen. Nevertheless, the current study shows that one in five people is not aware of what they can do with their bodies with fast food. And another 32 percent of the study participants are of the opinion that excessive consumption of junk food can be offset by more exercise. However, according to the study, this is a “serious misunderstanding,” because poor nutrition cannot be trained away.

In addition, only around 36 percent of those surveyed make sure to eat healthily when time is short, even in stressful situations and in everyday work.

Unhealthy diet can lead to many diseases

The study also states that an unbalanced or unbalanced diet can be the cause of many ailments and diseases. Well-known examples are cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, metabolic disorders, vascular diseases or too high Cholesterol levels. Therefore, preventive examinations should definitely be attended.

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