An employee of the automotive supplier Webasto, who was the first German Covid 19 patient, had no antibodies in him to protect him from being infected again just three months after being infected. “I have had no neutralizing antibodies since April,” said the man in an interview published by Webasto on Monday.

No after-effects of his illness, that he was “extremely lucky”. The employee of the company from Stockdorf in Bavaria had been tested positive for the novel corona virus on January 27. At the time, he was worried primarily about his pregnant wife and little daughter, who – like other family members or friends – had not infected him.

“It is still incomprehensible to me today, because I had this virus in my consciousness for a full week and I was normally with my family and friends.” However, they were all tested twice, and all tests were negative. The first German corona patient was in the hospital for 19 days, and he is doing very well today. He got infected during a one-hour meeting with a colleague from China.