Friday, November 15, 2019
Home News Gerhard Pfister approaches the next legislature with serenity

Gerhard Pfister approaches the next legislature with serenity

The PDC can approach the next legislature serenely, said Saturday its president Gerhard Pfister. With his 'stable' election results, no majority will be achieved without the CFP for the next four years in Parliament, he says.

The PDC must take advantage of this constellation, Gerhard Pfister said in a speech to the Assembly of Delegates meeting in Langenthal (BE). 'We do not just want to be the one to tip the scales. We want to produce results through our own policy. '

With this new dynamic, Christian Democrats are also responsible for presenting more solutions from the center, he said. Switzerland will benefit because any state benefits from a consolidation of the 'center policy'. A policy that is balanced, pragmatic and that guarantees the values, according to him.

A force that gathers is necessary, because the success of Switzerland resides in its cohesion, notes still the president of the party. And to specify that the policy of the center, and with it the PDC, has the mission to preserve this cohesion.

Gerhard Pfister also said that the PDC would commit to 'maintaining bilateral relations', a consequent CO2 law, as well as to removing the tax discrimination of married couples.


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