Gerard Piqué makes odd condition for Shakira after breakup

Almost two months ago, Barça star Gerard Piqué (35) and singer Shakira (45) announced their separation. Where will their children live?

the essentials in brief

  • Piqué and Shakira are locked in a custody battle.
  • The children will live in Spain or the USA in the future.

Barcelona or Miami? This question is currently being asked for the children of Gerard Piqué and Shakira. It is still unclear where Sasha (7) and Milan (9) will live after the dream couple separates.

Where would you rather live?

The pop queen wants to move back to Miami with her sons. Of course, the Barça star is not just satisfied with this solution. He sets his ex-girlfriend two conditions, one of which is extremely strange.

Piqué demands free plane tickets

On the one hand, the 45-year-old should pay off her debts, which are said to amount to $400,000. Sounds plausible.

Piqué is also said to demand that Shakira give him five plane tickets to Miami a year. In first grade, of course. An extremely curious demand from a man who earns several millions a year.

Shakira faces imprisonment

In a recently published Whatsapp message that the soccer professional is said to have written, he tries to smooth things over. It says: “The most important thing is the happiness and well-being of our children.”

The Colombian singer has other concerns besides the argument with her ex. She will have to answer in court in the next few months. The accusation: tax evasion in the amount of 14.5 million euros. In the worst case, Shakira faces a prison sentence.

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