“If all countries worked like Greece for the control of external borders, then the migration issue would be less significant in Europe”, launched Monday, October 11, the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin during a press conference organized with the Greek Minister of Migration, Notis Mitarachi. Between Athens and Paris, it is the cordial agreement and not only in the field of armaments, recalled the latter. Visiting Greece, the French interior minister praised the “Greek model” border control after visiting the new “closed and controlled access” camp on the island of Samos, inaugurated at the end of September by the Greek authorities. He even wants other southern European countries like Spain, Italy or Malta to be inspired by Greece.

Surrounded by barbed wire, watchtowers, CCTV cameras, the Samos structure, funded 100% by the European Commission, replaces the Vathy camp which had become overcrowded and unsanitary over the years. The “new generation” camp of Samos, which is to serve as a model for four other islands in the Aegean Sea (Lesbos, Kos, Chios, Leros), nevertheless worries human rights defenders. “The containers are pretty, but we didn’t come here to sleep. We are like prisoners, and nothing can replace freedom! “, says Djina, a Malian interviewed by the Europe Must Act collective. “It is worrying that the new Samos camp is arousing interest among European politicians when we should advocate for more humane reception alternatives for refugees”, deplores the coordinator Cecilia Sanfelici.

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Increase the resources of Frontex

“In the opinion of people who worked in the former Vathy camp but also asylum seekers, living conditions are better “, Nevertheless assured AFP Gerald Darmanin. According to the Minister of the Interior, this camp allows the Greeks to properly guard their external borders, to filter those who have the right to asylum and those who must be sent home, and to strengthen security to prevent Jihadists did not infiltrate among the refugees as had been the case in 2015, when attackers from the November 13 attack passed through the island of Leros.

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“We would like all the countries which are on the edge of Europe’s borders to be able to have the same policy of control and registration of people entering European territory, in particular for questions of security”, said Mr. Darmanin. The minister wants to set up a system of border registration and follow-up of the file on the European continent. “Today many foreigners enter Europe without being registered and then we do not know when they arrive in Germany or France how old they are, what nationality they are, where they returned”, he notes.

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