Geovanna Bañuelos requests guarantees for the exercise of journalism in Zacatecas

Zacatecas, Zac.- Senator Geovanna Bañuelos urges the Zacatecas State Attorney General’s Office (FGJEZ) to carry out a thorough investigation to find those responsible for the murder of Juan Carlos Muñiz Hernández, which occurred on March 4, 2022 in the city of Fresnillo, Zacatecas.

“Attacking a journalist, a communicator or worker of any media outlet is an attack against freedom of expression, against the right to information, against democracy and against citizenship.”

Likewise, it will request the Secretary of the General Government of the State to strengthen the protection mechanisms for journalists in favor of freedom of expression, as well as to immediately attend to the complaints made by the members of this union and grant them urgent protection measures to preserve his physical integrity and his life.

Through a point of agreement that will be presented to the Plenary of the Senate of the Republic in the next session, the coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of the Labor Party condemns the murder of the seventh journalist in Mexico so far in 2022, Juan Carlos Muñiz Hernández, who He worked for the portal Multimedios Testigo Minero.

Geovanna Bañuelos also requests that the Executive Commission for Comprehensive Attention to Victims of Zacatecas provide guarantees, attention and timely accompaniment to the journalist’s widow and four children to achieve comprehensive reparation for the damage.

The legislator for Zacatecas points out that on March 4, Juan Carlos Muñiz Hernández, a 36-year-old reporter, was shot dead in the city of Fresnillo, which has provoked a series of demonstrations by the union who demand justice.

Last Saturday, while reporter Juan Carlos Muñiz was being veiled in Fresnillo, in the capital the Collective of Zacatecan Journalists demonstrated in the Plaza de Armas, in front of the Government Palace to demand justice for the journalist’s murder.

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“Neither silence nor forgetfulness”; “Justice for Juan Carlos Muñiz”; “Stop the violence, no more murdered journalists”; “We are the press, don’t shoot” and “You don’t kill the truth by killing journalists” were some of the slogans they chanted, the legislator points out.

“Unfortunately, he is not the only journalist murdered in the state, in December 2020. The photojournalist, Jaime Daniel Castaño Zacarías, was murdered after doing news coverage in Jerez, Zacatecas,” highlights Geovanna Bañuelos.

And he points out that given this scenario, it is completely understandable that journalists are afraid to work, for which he said, it is timely for the state authorities to guarantee the necessary conditions so that journalists have protection for their lives, personal integrity, security and freedom of expression that allows the exercise of their informative work.



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