Georgina Barbarossa got into Tinder and told what requirement a man should have

Georgina clarified as long as “is not in a relationship” but what “had a couple of things” this last time. “What happens to me is that I’m so busy right now that I don’t have time to look at it,” said the former Masterchef Celebrity about your connectivity on the dating app.

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And about the men he is looking for, he commented: “They have to be brave because they see you strong and they get scared. That they be clean, with complete teeth, nice and educated. That he speaks well to me, that he conjugates my verbs well and that he doesn’t tell me ‘you saw’ or ‘you grabbed’”.

Before, in conversation with Peoplethe actress and host stated: “I’m on Tinder. What happens is that later I forget to answer. I was doing the season at Carlos Paz and Rochi Igarzábal and Sofía Macaggi opened it for me. I could not believe it. I started to have a lot of fun, but life doesn’t happen that way either. I’m not on the phone all day because I’m dying. Between the messages and all the information that comes to you, it’s like… if love comes, fantastic “.

Georgina Barbarossa

What Georgina Barbarossa said after the scandal of Pepe Cibrian and her boyfriend, Nahuel Lodi

A real scandal broke out in Intruders, America TV. in the program Flower from V released a video, where you can see Nahuel Lodithe boyfriend of Pepe Cibrianvery passionate and kissing another man in a bowling alley.

According to the journalist Gonzalo Vázquez, the material came to the production from a witness of the episode: “Diego, who was the one who saw it, informs us that this would have happened a month ago, in Vorterix.”

“This was on Sunday the 19th, which on Monday was a holiday for June 20. I went out with my friends. At one point, one of my friends told me ‘that is the future husband of Pepe Cibrián’. He was in that situation that seen in the videos and photos”detailed the person who found Lodi with another man.

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After the leak of the video of Lodi with another man in a bowling alley, First Fruits Now communicated with Barbarossawho was categorical in expressing herself about what happened.

“Thanks, but I don’t speak”, answered the figure phoneavoiding arguing with Pepewho declared war on her after hearing her opinion of her husband.




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