Georgia Meloni and the censorship of “literary masterpieces”

“I”I have seen too many people talking about me and my ideas not to realize the distance between me, my life and the history that is made of it. And I decided to open up, to tell who I am, what I believe in and how I got here, first hand.Giorgia Meloni, more than a year after this publication, I’m Giorgia. My roots, my ideascome to power

And to announce the program: The time for responsibility has come. The time when, if you want to participate in history, you must understand what responsibilities we have, in relation to tens of millions of people. Because Italy chose us and we will not betray it as we have never betrayed it . »

Culture and Beauty

Two weeks ago, the actors of the cultural industries called on the candidates to demand effective measures: protect copyright, improve current legislation, support the consumption of cultural goods and promote them to the public.

Giorgia Meloni’s program partially met these expectations – especially with “the introduction of a tax deduction for domestic cultural consumption “. The promotion of Italian culture (understood: a national preference) in all areas was also planned.

JudiciallyCulture and beauty, our Renaissance(Culture and beauty, our Renaissance, to read here) the program has a reduction in VAT to 4% for cultural goods, to encourage supply and demand, but “the measure should be progressive and compatible with keeping public accounts».

For the editorial sector, thestructural crisis, resulting from profound technological and market transformations», specific measures are planned. Giorgia Meloni suggests revising Il Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza (the resilience plan presented in 2021) so that it integrates the book industry – energy costs and increases in materials are taken seriously.

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But it is especially to the media (press, newspapers) that help is directed. On the other hand, she advocates thecreation of a new Italian imaginary, by promoting, especially in schools, the history of great Italian designers and historical reenactments“. In fact, the revaluation of Italian history will be one of the great cultural projects of his policy.

Finally, one of the most developed points will be the fight against cancellation culture, and “censorship of literary masterpieces, to “protect” alleged sensitivities.“. Meloni will be the leader of a fight against “the cancellation of ideas deemed not to conform to the single thought“. Fratelli d’Italia has already tabled a bill, and aims to aggressively protect cultural heritage. But sanctions are not enough, she says.

By promoting Italian identity and culture, Giorgia Meloni is convinced “that we merely recount the greatness of Italy will prevent an iconoclastic madness from descending upon our nation: which, once studiedThe Divine Comedywould think of censorshipr»?

Remember that Fratelli d’Italia is the title of the national anthem. A whole poem. Not related to that of Dante.

A blacklist

Roberto Saviano was one of the first victims of a new popular (populist) narrative, the victim of a fake news campaign. A message indicating that he is leaving the country after the election of Giorgia Meloni caused a stir on the networks. In fact, the leader’s constituents “invited” the writer to leave: “These are warnings. This is Italy waiting for us. They are already preparing a first black list of enemies of the fatherland, thrown in the face of those who said that fascism is nothing else. »

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For him, the ideology of Fratelli d’Italia is “summarizes all the worst aspects of the most reactionary Italian law“. Between clichés and intellectual contempt, “any writer or journalist who is not part of their teams should be considered a traitor“. And to drown the fish,they pretend to be democrats: except that this behavior reveals what they really are».

But the summary is simple:Giorgia Meloni is a danger, not only to Italy, but to all of Europe.And promising that the future economic model will draw its inspiration from Orbán’s Hungary, “which in a few years eliminated dissent and destroyed the economy».

Photo credits: Fratelli d’Italia



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