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Georgian House Speaker David Ralston is calling for an investigation to “determine whether irregularities or intentional fraud occurred” in the state’s largest metropolis last November, saying recent revelations about counting issues of votes in Fulton County deserve independent investigation.

Ralston sent a letter late last week to Fulton County election officials asking that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation be allowed to conduct the investigation.

The request comes after Just the News reported last month that an independent observer for Georgian Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger noted two dozen pages of irregularities in the Atlanta ballot counting center on November 3, including violations of the privacy of voters.

Raffensperger told Just the News he believes the problems in Fulton County are so extensive that the state should take charge of running the Atlanta-area election.

Separately, a watchdog group called VoterGA, which gained court access to mail-in ballot data, said last week that its review found that the audit of the tally of Fulton County hands during the November elections were riddled with “massive errors and provable frauds”.

Ralston said recent problem reports require “careful consideration and explanation.”

“Given the gravity of this situation and the possible repercussions for our state and nation, it is time we had an independent investigation – once and for all – into how Fulton County conducted, counted and audited l ‘presidential election of November 2020,’ he wrote in his letter. “To this end, I strongly recommend that your office request the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to conduct its own independent forensic investigation into the November 2020 presidential election in Fulton County.

“The GBI will follow evidence wherever it may lead to determine whether irregularities or intentional fraud have occurred. GBI professionals have the expertise and resources to carry out such an investigation. Additionally, as sworn law enforcement officers, they have the public’s confidence to ensure that the law is obeyed. ”

You can read the full letter here.

Vernon Jones, a former Georgia Democrat and Trump supporter currently running for the GOP nomination for Georgia governor, said on Sunday that Ralston’s request was welcome but came too late and not going far enough. Jones has called for a statewide audit of the November election results.

“I am pleased to see Georgia House Speaker David Ralston and others finally calling for a GBI investigation into the fraud uncovered in Fulton County,” Jones said. “But, as I’ve been screaming from the rooftops for months, we need a forensic audit in all 159 counties in Georgia.”

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