“Throughout his career, his role as portfolio manager in the Consultatio Asset Management investment group also stands out, and also as a founding partner of the investment fund CIMA Investments”, the company indicated.

Genneia owns the Rawson, Trelew, Madryn, Chubut Norte, Villalonga, Pomona and Necochea wind farms, with a capacity of 783 MW in wind energy; and exceeds the 850 MW of renewable energy when considering its Ullum solar park (82 MW) located in the province of San Juan. Genneia is also the owner and operator of 2 thermal generation plants (437 MW), which leads to 1.200 MW its installed power.

Carlos Palazon, with his outstanding financial experience, will be replacing in the position to Bernardo Andrews, who assumed the general management of the company as CEO.