NEW YORKUS automaker General Motors (GM) fell red in the second quarter of the year with a net loss of $ 758 million, punished by the covid-19 pandemic, the group reported Wednesday.

The number one sector in the United States saw its sinks sink sales in relation to the same period of 2019, to 492,484 units, according to a statement released on Wednesday.

The adjusted net loss per share is 50 cents, less pronounced, however, than the markets expected $ 1.77.

GM had to halt production for nearly two months this spring due to confinement measures linked to the coronavirus pandemic, but its activity has already returned to normal at most of its plants.

The number one car brand in the United States saw sales drop more than 30% in the second quarter, as did its competitor Ford.

Vehicle sales plummeted in April and slowly recovered in May and June, the manufacturer explained.

Consequently, turnover fell 53% to 16,800 millions of dollars, lower income than expected by analysts, of $ 17,310 million.

SOURCE: Europa Press