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Constantly new research results help to better understand the disease Covid-19. Scientists have recently found out which gene promotes severe corona courses.

When coronaviruses penetrate the body, people react very differently. Where some only show mild cold symptoms * and are fit again after a few days, others become seriously ill. Researchers around the world are trying to find out which factors favor such a severe to life-threatening course. British researchers were able to demonstrate a link between dangerous Covid-19 diseases and a specific gene. The OAS1 gene (oligoadenylate synthetase 1) is also supposed to promote the common form of dementia Alzheimer’s, inform the British dementia and genetics experts.

The team led by Naciye Magusali from the Dementia Research Institute at University College London had primarily dealt with the question of which genes increase the risk of dementia. In their on the specialist portal Brain published study, they write: “Based on the genotyping of 1,313 people with sporadic Alzheimer’s disease and 1,234 control persons, we were able to confirm that the OAS1 variant, rs1131454, is associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease”. This gene has also been linked to severe corona disease, it said.

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Alzheimer’s disease and severe corona courses: does a gene favor its development?

“All in all, our data show a connection between the genetic risk for Alzheimer’s disease and susceptibility to a critical Covid 19 disease that focuses on OAS1,” the British researchers conclude from their study results. This finding would have implications for future treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and Covid-19. In the future, drugs against Alzheimer’s * and Covid-19 could be developed on the basis of the study results. So far there are no drugs that can cure the diseases.

The fact that people with Alzheimer’s have also died from Corona has so far been attributed to the elderly and the weakened condition of those affected. As Focus.de further informed, however – on the basis of the published British study – the risk gene OAS1 could also have been responsible for the fatal outcome. In order to confirm this thesis, however, further investigations must follow. (jg) * Merkur.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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