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General astrological forecast for the week from June 27 to July 3 for all signs of the Zodiac.

Aries. Do not get involved in adventures, no matter what mountains of gold you are promised. Let go of anything that raises even the slightest doubt. The information must be real and confirmed, the reputation of business partners must be impeccable. If not, don’t risk it, it will cost more.

Taurus. If you have a leader who is more active than you, a companion, then by joining him in the wake, you will spend this week comfortably. Your own initiative will now and then stumble upon obstacles that will be very difficult to overcome.

Twins. The beginning of the week will be calm and fruitful. This is the right time to finish the things you started before. Small difficulties may arise, but they are surmountable, and you know it. Therefore, there will be no unnecessary worries, no doubts about success.

Cancer. Follow a diet or at least eliminate fatty foods and your favorite desserts from your diet. This does not mean that you have to starve. Going out of town, it is better to refrain from barbecue, salads and grandmother’s pies.

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a lion. At this time, you will be able to offer not only original ideas, but also ways to achieve them. First of all, it will concern working issues. In family life there will be a lull, but not for long.

Virgo. Decadent moods, universal longing in the eyes, suffering with or without cause, grumbling and groaning. All this is Virgo on Monday. The portrait turns out, of course, not too joyful, but this sign cannot do anything with itself.

Scales. In Libra, in the beginning and middle of the week, external circumstances develop unfavorably. Whatever business you undertake, obstacles and complications can arise everywhere. This is especially true for careers and partnerships.

Scorpio. In the middle of the week, large cash receipts are possible, with the help of which your plans are realized. However, do not tell others about your luck so that envy does not touch you.

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Sagittarius. Sagittarius on weekdays of the week, the stars are advised to focus on their careers. Professional implementation is exactly the topic where you can achieve the most success.

Capricorn. Everything always happens “suddenly” with you … So, you suddenly want thrills, you suddenly meet an extraordinary person with whom you would hardly have found a common language at other times, and together you will start something extraordinary and grandiose.

Aquarius. At the beginning of the week, a breach of obligations is likely and, as a result, a conflict with partners. It does not need to be developed and strengthened. You will be able to help relatives, but for this you will have to make a lot of effort.

Fish. The time is favorable for intellectual activity, communication, but now unviable and adventurous ideas can visit your head. Toward the end of the week, nervous tension may arise.

Astrologer: Valdemar Nebokhodtsev

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