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The argument not to buy Apple ‘because you can’t game on it’ has therefore become obsolete. Apple is always square when it comes to gaming, I still don’t know why apple makes it so hard to run games en masse on a mac without outside clutter.

No parallels
No Boot Camp
No Crossover
No Rosetta 2

Metal what is running on that, the direct x killer
Then you think of OpenGL, which is also out, 32bit support, forget it.
All your games on steam, gog, uplay, origin, epic launcher, forget that too.

You should be happy that you can still open such a retro console emulator with some old roms.

What a handicap Apple is, such a nice computer that only runs smartphone apps via the store and services to be able to play a game. Apple Arcade, Google Stadia, Nvidia Geforce Now. Why can’t it just be run natively on the hardware? That is always the handicap of apple, every year new hardware, in terms of software they are years behind.
And that for a computer of this amount, is just not possible for me. Mac os is so handicapped against windows. How long have they been messing around like this. No, apple just wants to control everything, keep the end user under control. I don’t have an apple computer in my house anymore. Not even apple silicon. My $500 lenovo runs more than any mac has ever run at 1/5 the price. Just think about that. :9



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