Test operation of Geely Atlas bi-fuel is carried out by a Moscow dealer of the Chinese brand. The factory version with gas equipment is based on a gasoline Atlas with a 149-horsepower atmospheric 2.4 engine, all-wheel drive and a 6-speed automatic transmission. A 60 liter LPG cylinder is installed in the trunk instead of the spare wheel.

Externally, the bi-fuel Atlas differs from the usual one only with an additional fuel filler cut into the bumper. In addition, a switch from petrol to gas appeared in the cabin, and additional injectors and a new control unit were placed under the hood.

Suppliers of LPG equipment are interested in cooperation with the Belarusian plant “BelGi” and argue that the transition to propane-butane will increase the efficiency of the crossover and will halve the cost of car owners for fuel. However, the success of the bi-fuel Geely Atlas will primarily depend on the starting price of the “gas” modification.