Connected: Alexander Gauland (left) and Andreas Kalbitz
Picture: dpa

Alexander Gauland does not accept Kalbitz’s expulsion from the AfD. Instead, he attacks the Federal Arbitration Court. The former CDU conservative is now finally in the hands of the right-wing extremists in the AfD.

WAlexander Gauland’s reaction to the decision of the Federal Arbitral Tribunal shows the enormous splitting power of the expulsion of the front man of the extreme right-wing extremist party wing, carried out by AfD party leader Meuthen. Instead of accepting the decision made by the party judges with a clear majority and thus the exclusion of the Brandenburg AfD parliamentary group leader Kalbitz, Gauland puts the ax on an institution of his party.

After Meuthen, in a surprise coup on the federal executive board, pushed through the exclusion of Kalbitz, whom he had played down for a long time out of opportunistic motives, Gauland referred to the outstanding legal clarification. The party arbitral tribunal, which is composed of lawyers, has decided the Kalbitz case; but not in the spirit of Gauland, who whispers about “certain political interests” of the body and thus delegitimizes it. The judgment of a “proper” court alone is now decisive for him.

The former CDU conservative has thus completely sided with the right-wing extremist figureheads Kalbitz and Höcke. This pact of Gauland, who is often seen as the Grand Seigneur of the AfD, with the extreme right-wing leader figures was already evident when the moderate Meuthen predecessors Lucke and Petry were overthrown. Meuthen himself was supported by the right wing. Now the tactical double game with the right leg is over. Also for Gauland.