Gastritis: how to fight it without drugs

Among the ailments that can affect the digestive system, gastritis is one of the most common: here are some useful tips to combat it.

Gastritis is inflammation that affects the inner wall of the stomach. It could present itself in an acute form, with sudden symptoms, or in a chronic form, and therefore have a slow but progressive development over time.

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In most cases, the disorder can be cured easily and should go away in no time. But, yesand is not treated adequately, risks being dangerous and could cause serious diseases.

Symptoms, causes and tips to prevent gastritis

Between most common symptoms we can indicate: heartburn and pain, cramps, nausea and abdominal discomfort.

Also the causes can be different: from poor diet to excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs. But also anxiety and stress they are able to weaken the barrier that protects the mucous membrane of the stomach. 50% of gastritis cases are related to the presence of Helicobacter pylori which, if not eliminated, can become carcinogenic.

How can you fight gastritis? Having a healthy diet and lifestyle is essential for the health of your body and helps prevent many diseases.

Some of advice main are practice physical activity: in addition to keeping us fit, it is useful for reducing anxiety and stress levels. Also, as far as nutrition is concerned, it is important avoid fried and fatty foods. And also do not eat excessively large meals and eat slowly.

Finally, it is recommended avoid alcoholic beverages and cigarette smoking. Add to this the stress if possible.

The properties of yogurt

Even in the case of gastritis, there are particular foods that can help: it yogurt represents a excellent ally for our body.

Yogurt (web font)
Yogurt (web font)

Obtained through the fermentation of milk by some bacteria of the genus lactobacillus and streptococcus, it is rich in vitamins and minerals. Contains calcium, which has beneficial properties for bones, and potassium, which can protect the heart.

The presence of lactic fermentsfurthermore, it is essential for the intestine. Among their benefits is the ability to rebalance the bacterial floraprotect the stomach and prevent infections.

Experts claim that a yogurt in the morning, consumed on an empty stomach, is able to protect the gastric mucosa, preventing the development of gastritis.



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