Faced with the blockades of commission agents gas LP in different roads of the capital, the Secretary of Government, Marti Batres reported that it supports the policy of not increasing the price of gas, acting to maintain order and guarantee free transit, as well as attention to this type of conflict.

Despite the threats of the gas companies to demonstrate tomorrow, Batres assured that the LP gas supply “Permanently, there is no risk and we are going to take the necessary measures.”

In a press conference, the Secretary of Government detailed about 300 elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) were deployed in 14 points of Mexico City that were blocked, mainly in main roads such as Insurgentes and Eje 5, Revolución and San Antonio, Eduardo Molina, Ermita Iztapalapa and Primavera, Mariana Nacional and Bahía de Banderas, Ignacio Zaragoza and Rojo Gómez, among others.

He assured that only three remain gas locks but that in the following hours they will be dissolved.

In that sense, Marti Batres It condemned the use of pipes to carry out these blockades and reported that a concessionaire was arrested who opened a hose during the sit-in they were carrying out on Eje 5 and Avenida de los Insurgentes.

“It was a delicate and irresponsible act to use the pipes and open a hose. The Ministry of Citizen Security took action to remove the pipes and hook them onto cranes and free the roads, especially those that have a character of internal strategic communication ”.

He said that the person who opened the hose is already under arrest and that the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office will resolve his situation since he endangered the integrity of passers-by, police, and even the commission agents themselves.

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The Secretary of Government explained that the pipe-type vehicles were taken to the city’s corralones and at the moment we are counting how many were sent to those places, but he clarified that for each point about 10 to 12 were used to carry out blockades.

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