A gasman was detained by capital city police for opening a hose with gas during the protest that takes place this Monday afternoon in Insurgentes and Eje 6 Sur, in front of the Ministry of Energy (Sener).

This was reported by Martí Batres, Secretary of the Government of Mexico City during a press conference in which he updated the points blocked by the gas carriers.

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We found the use of a pipe very reprehensible, even the fact of opening a pipe hose in the event that occurred in Axis 5 and Insurgentes, ”Batres Guadarrama denounced.

The events were captured on video and were disseminated by the capital’s government.

Batres Guadarrama reported that after this event, the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) determined to remove the pipes that maintained the blockade, so they were hooked on the cranes.

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Given the 14 blockades carried out by commission agents in Mexico City to demand an increase in the price of gas, Batres Guadarrama indicated that the local government supports the policy of the Government of Mexico not to increase the price of gas.

We are aware of the attention to conflicts in Mexico City as it is in this case, “he added.

Later, the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) reported that the 38-year-old man was detained for endangering the safety and physical integrity of the protesters by opening a gas hose in the middle of the protest.

The driver of a gas pipe took a hose, opened it and threw gas towards the place where the policemen were as well as the asphalt tape, thereby endangering the physical integrity of the SSC personnel, the non-conforming themselves and other citizens who were on the site “, detailed the SSC through a statement.

He added that the events occurred when the police were guarding around 150 gas dealers who were demonstrating in front of the Sener, with whom they entered into a dialogue to free vehicle circulation and not affect the passage of motorists, a situation to which they refused.

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