Gas Tax Suspension in Georgia: Here’s Why Some Gas Stations Still Won’t Lower Their Prices | Univision 34 Atlanta WUVG

ATLANTA, Georgia. – The tax charged by the state government of Georgia for each gallon of gasoline was temporarily suspended since last Friday, however, some drivers still do not see the reduction at their nearby gas stations.

“The only thing we’ve seen is a 10-cent difference, which is down,” said Claudia, a driver in Metro Atlanta, as she pumped gas.

Why don’t you feel relief?

The reason is that the suspended tax is aimed at those who distribute the gasoline to the stations, which would mean that the stations that still have gasoline for which they had to pay with tax, will sell it that way, said Angela Holland, president of the Association of Convenience stores in Georgia.

“It depends on when they last ordered fuel, how much they have left in the tank, when is the next order and when is the next delivery,” Holland said.

Once they order a new shipment, that would already come with that 29-cent discount and that is where they have to reflect the new price.

How to report abuse?

The Georgia Prosecutor’s Office has a website where you can report cases of price gouging.

Businesses that manipulate prices could be fined up to $15,000.

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