Gas: Edtstadler insists on personal responsibility

In view of the energy crisis, Chancellery Minister Karoline Edtstadler (ÖVP) advocates that people “fulfill personal responsibility with life”. You have to use common sense and avoid unnecessarily high speeds in the car or excessively low temperatures in the air conditioning system.

For reasons of climate protection alone, one should not use energy wastefully. In addition to the political efforts to ensure an appropriate energy supply, she also sees a challenge for the people. Because she feels that a “jo-eh mentality has developed in recent years that politics regulates everything”.

The previous generation had worked hard to achieve prosperity, “and now we are required to ensure this for the future”. But Edtstadler doesn’t want to make the Austrians panic: “Nobody wants to imagine having to sit by the tiled stove at 19 degrees with three wool sweaters. Hopefully we will never have to experience that.”

Solidarity demanded in the EU

She also insisted on European solidarity, especially in the southern countries, she told APA. Aid has often been given to these states, which are now often less dependent on Russian gas, for example when the reconstruction fund was decided.

It must be clear to everyone that nothing less than Europe as a business location is at stake. The EU as a whole must also “finally get going” when it comes to joint energy purchasing. The minister was undaunted by Russian threats, saying that the “no alternative” sanctions would “cause the Russian economy to collapse”.

She considers the threatening gestures by the ruler Vladimir Putin to pipe the gas to other countries to be “less realistic” because there are fewer pipelines there. Edtstadler insists on diversifying the sources. The “pragmatism of the German Greens” should be taken as an example when expanding renewable energy systems. Hydrogen is an important topic for the future, as is liquid gas.

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