Gas Bienestar in Iztapalapa registers higher prices than private distributors

The state company Wellness Gas becomes the distributor with the highest prices in the mayoralty of Iztapalapa, above the price offered by all its private competitors.

According to the report of daily prices that the holders of permits for the distribution and sale to the public of liquefied petroleum gas are obliged to deliver to the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) -at least 60 minutes before its application each time they are modified- including the state gas company, this Wednesday, November 17 Wellness Gas It registers a price of 21.50 and up to 25.00 pesos per kilogram.

Contrary to what was expected of its presence being a trigger to lower or for less regular price, it offers the combustible between 25 cents and up to 7.00 pesos per kilogram more expensive than any of the private gas stations that distribute the product in this demarcation, if it is compared to its higher price.

No distributor offers a maximum price above 24.75 pesos per kilogram.

Gas Bienestar prepares your arrival in Tláhuac

In these conditions, Wellness Gas prepares his arrival at the mayor of Tláhuac.

The gas company testing phase started with 11 delivery units to distribute 20 and 30 kilogram metal cylinders and is expected to start operating officially in this second demarcation shortly.

But under the current price conditions, neither in Iztapalapa, the first mayor of Mexico City where Gas Bienestar opened, nor in Tláhuac, is it the best price option for consumers, nor has its presence contributed to regulate the market.

In Tláhuac you will have to compete with the companies Uni-Gas, Gasomático, Compañía Mexicana de Gas Combustibles, Gas y Servicios, GG Gas, Flamamex, Regio Gas, Compañía de Gas del Centro, Vidriogas, Gas del Caribe, Gas Vehicular Silza, Gas Express Nieto, Bulgas, Reyes Gas, Gas Premio, Gas Special Services, USA Gas San Juan, Grupo Centurion Combustibles y Cobragas.

The price mosaic in Tláhuac shows that Gas Bienestar will have to compete with prices up to 16.76 pesos per kilogram, 8.24 pesos below the maximum price offered in Iztapalapa.

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