Senator Bianca Laura Granato, exponent of the parliamentary group The Alternative exists, on Facebook lashes out against the Five Star Movement in particular on the measures approved through the Sostegni bis Decree.

This is the lunge of the senator: “One and a half billion loans to peers just last year and this year we are on the same path, even if at least Draghi realized that it was not appropriate for diplomats to also benefit from these loans and finally accepted my amendment. . We also draw a merciful veil on the good school that is still there and all my work to dismantle it has always been ditched from the inside “.

Then he concludes: “Competitions for teachers? After so many battles last year, the amnesty of the failures arrives in support bis, but they vote for everything! Because being in government is an act of responsibility (especially towards oneself) ”.

Sostegni bis decree, the process begins in the Senate: this is the way to final approval