“Garnacho was a scoundrel, a street boy!  “, rewinds one of his first educators

“Garnacho was a scoundrel, a street boy! “, rewinds one of his first educators


Watch out nacho!

Before making the heyday of Manchester United, of making the youngest and former supporters of the Red Devils – seeing in him the next Cristiano Ronaldo – Alejandro Garnacho haunted the nights of his first coaches. Jesus Adolfo Marcos, renowned educator of the Atlético de Madrid academy, returned to the first steps of the young Argentinian wisp, then very disruptive, in an interview for the English tabloid The Sun.

«I was coaching the U19s, and the club leaders made me drop three age categories overnight. It was for a very specific reason: if Garnacho’s abilities were beyond doubt, his attitude raised more and more questions, and a more experienced head had to be found to replace him. At first I thought I was being demoted, but was told it was actually a promotion. And in fact, he was simply the best young player at the club. And this mission was my greatest challenge, lance Jesus. For what ? Because he was a street boy who was very disruptive, a scoundrel. We immediately decided to put him up at the hotel at the academy, but even there he was doing stupid things. He smuggled food into his room, candy and other things, and he hid his phone to use late at night. He was the best of his group to break the rules, and inevitably, the one who created jealousy and therefore war in the hotel.» Jesus Adolfo Marcos finally remembers his first match with the club’s little protege. «He was 15 years old. We were away at Rayo Majadahonda, and I had to take him out after ten minutes. There was clearly an attitude problem. He didn’t even run and didn’t respect what was asked of him. I replaced him, and from the first attack without him we scored, we ended up winning 6-0»laughing today Jesus who assures that Garnacho will become «a superstar» !

Always listen to the voice of Jesus.

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