Gap will sell in its stores

  • Gap is one of the brands that has written the history of American fashion.

  • The home accessories segment has motivated all kinds of brands to join in its sale, as recently happened in Mexico with H&M.

  • The ability of brands to sell makes us see alliances like Gap’s with Walmart, which have no waste in retail.

The news of the arrival of Gap to the stores of Walmart It is an unexpected move, but one that patents the collaboration that will begin to occur in retail, where stores are turning their spaces into areas of opportunity, so that brands from the industry, although from other segments, can market inside.

This pattern is not wasted, especially if we consider that large chains such as Walmart consolidate a huge number of pedestrian traffic, which makes their spaces tremendously valuable to sell, as has happened in Mexico with the appearance of the Gandhi bookstore in Walmart stores. .

Walmart welcomes brand

Gap Home is Gap’s new surprise and to avoid sacrificing space in its stores, the clothing brand has decided to take its line to Walmart, where you will unexpectedly start selling your products.

The great collaboration is part of a multi-year agreement, which will begin with the sale of bedding, bathroom accessories and other decoration products, which will begin to be sold on the web from June 24.

Gap’s entry into the home products market is part of a strategy with which the popular brand has created 400 home accessories in all the categories that have already been mentioned and with prices ranging, approximately, from 317 pesos to the thousand 291 pesos.

While we do not know the details such as the cost of the agreement and the exact duration, Anthony Soohoo, executive vice president of home at Walmart, has ruled that we will see any number of collections in the coming years.

With this type of agreement, Walmart confirms the effective sales space that it has and that it has become a benchmark in the market, since just as it has opened the door to Gap, in Mexico this firm has made space for the sale of Gandhi books, so the famous bookstore chain installed shelves that helped the chain in its sales strategy.

Brands selling household products

The category of products for the home has consolidated very successful brands such as Zara Home and recent H&M It was surprising because the brand opened its first home and decoration products store in Mexico.

The opening of this store demonstrates how important this category has become and the ability of brands to be able to expand into categories that were previously difficult to think of to see operating successfully.

That said, the inauguration of Gap with products for the home and by the hand of Walmart, warns us of a greater number of collaborations, all of them surprising.

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