Gaming stocks 2021 – winners and losers

Many gaming companies are now on the stock exchange and subject to fluctuations in the stock market. On MeinMMO today, on December 31st, 2021, we look at the shares of large gaming companies such as Activision Blizzard, Capcom or Electronic Arts and ask: What would have made the most money if you had invested your money on January 1st, 2021 .

What is the list about? We look at which video game stock made or lost money would have if you had invested your money in it on January 1st, 2021. We assume that someone would have invested € 10,000.

Activision Blizzard

How much money would you have made? If you had put 10,000 euros into Activision Blizzard on January 1, 2021, you would have lost around 1,900 euros now.

The price fell by 19.01% over the course of the year.

Why is that? Activision Blizzard had a good first half of the year while still riding the success of Call of Duty: Warzone. In December 2020 we reported to MeinMMO: “The stock of Activision Blizzard is more valuable than ever”.

But when the reports of the sexism scandal at Blizzard surfaced in the summer, the share fell. The stock bottomed out when it became known that the next big Blizzard games Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 would be postponed for the first time.

How is the latest development? The share has recovered somewhat from the absolute low. In the last month there has been an increase of 13%.

Electronic Arts

How much money would you have made? If you had invested 10,000 euros in Electronic Arts on January 1, 2021, you would have made a profit of around 393 euros. The stock is up 3.93%.

Why is that? EA had a relatively turbulent year with a lot of ups and downs. APEX Legends, the Sims and FIFA are still considered to be money makers. But the mood against microtransactions is intensifying worldwide.

The big hits were missing in 2021. Battlefield 2042 is viewed rather critically.

How is the latest development? Last month, stocks bounced back from the setback following the release of Battlefield 2042. It was up 6.78%.


How much money would you have made? Seen over the year, you would have lost about 373 euros.

Why is that? Take-Two has large series of games in its portfolio with GTA, Red Dead Redemption, NBA 2k and many other titles.

However, relatively little happened in the pandemic year of 2021. .GTA 5 is still extremely successful. But there are no major releases at the moment.

How is the latest development? Last month the stock was up 8.96%.

Anyone who invested money in Roblox early on will probably be smiling happily.


How much money would you have made? Roblox only went public in March. If you had invested € 10,000 at the start, on March 10, you would have made a profit of € 4,465.

Why is that? Roblox is one of the big winners in the video game market. The game is right on trend because a new marketplace is being created here, where customers can create content for other customers. Roblox also fits into the narrative of the “metaverse”.

Roblox fits in perfectly with the zeitgeist of investors.

How is the latest development? Over the past month, the stock is down 20.3%. In mid-November there was a hype about business figures, which has cooled down a bit. In the short term, Roblox was even ahead of Activision Blizzard in market value.

There was relatively little going on at Capcom in 2021.


How much money would you have made? Even people who would have invested in Capcom would be a little less wealthy at the end of 2021 than at the beginning of 2021.

You would have lost about 2,081 euros.

Why is that? Capcom didn’t have such a strong year with new releases in 2021 either. In the past, games like Monster Hunter have been very successful. Relatively little happened in 2021 due to the pandemic.

This is the latest development: Capcom lost about 5.58% in the last month.

Graphics cards were a huge topic for gamers in 2021.


How much money would you have won?? Anyone who has invested in Nividia can consider themselves lucky. He would have more than doubled his money.

With an investment of 10,000 €, the graphics card manufacturer would have brought him a profit of € 14,333.

Why is that? The annual reports were extremely good and exceeded the expectations of the stock exchange. The profit went up again by 50% compared to 2020 – and there are still great expectations for the future (via

Nvidia is simply huge when it comes to graphics cards.

This is the latest development: Last month, the stock was down about 6.7%.


What is that? An ETF is an investment instrument that tries to replicate the value development of an entire industry. So you are not buying a company’s stock, but an instrument that reflects the stocks of several companies in an industry.

How much money would you have made? If you had invested 10,000 euros in the VanEck Video Gaming and eSports ETF on January 1st, you would have made around 516 euros in profit.

Why is that? The ETF also emulates hardware manufacturers like NVIDIA, which did very well in 2021 – while some stocks in Asia have lost some of their value due to tighter restrictions in China.

This is the latest development: Last month the ETF was down 6.46% after looking very good in November.

LoL Arcane Easter Eggs
Many would have liked to invest in Riot Games (LoL) – but they are not listed on the stock exchange. Riot Games is owned by the Penguin, the Chinese company Tencent.

2020 was a hype year for gaming companies in the stock market – 2021 more like the correction

So it was in total in 2021: 2021 was a mixed year for investors in the gaming sector.

This was also due to the fact that the shares had risen sharply in value during the pandemic year 2020. The ETF, which was up 5% in 2021, was up about 60% in 2020.

In 2021 the gaming companies felt the “disadvantages of the corona pandemic”. Production cycles slowed down as developers went into the home office, everything became more difficult, the pantries of games and content were empty. The release of major games did not materialize, the business figures didn’t look so rosy compared to the previous year, and the stock market value tended to correct itself downwards.

However, Roblox shows that certain concepts that hit the zeitgeist can ensure that high values ​​are created. There is a lot of hype, especially in the area of ​​NFT and Bitcoin, which has hit gaming in recent months.

Anyone who puts their money on the stock exchange can experience enormous fluctuations in market value. This is not for the faint of heart or for people who want their money to be available at all times. Because overnight, large parts of assets can lose their value enormously:

Man loses $ 2.2 billion in one day to Bitcoin and MMORPG scandal



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