Gamers are often not a target group for companies

According to a study by Jung von Matt and Ovaltine, 44 percent of Swiss gambled regularly. However, companies often fail to recognize this potential.

the essentials in brief

  • 44 percent of the Swiss gamble for at least five hours a week.
  • In addition, the majority of gamers have a positive attitude towards brand collaborations.
  • Companies often do not recognize this potential.

Gaming is extremely popular in Switzerland: 44 percent of the Swiss spend at least five hours a week playing games. For 26 percent of them, it is up to 30 hours a week. This is reported by “Werbewoche”, citing a study by Jung von Matt and Ovaltine.

The study shows that 58 percent of gamers have a positive attitude towards brand partnerships. In the case of competitive gamers, the figure is as high as 76 percent.

However, companies often do not explicitly target this group with their advertising. Gaming is not a niche market, as Cyrill Hauser explains. The gaming expert at Jung von Matt Limmat is quoted as follows: “This is surprising, as the playing field for brands is huge: from campaigns and branded content that is channeled and target group-specific on Twitch, Reddit and Co. to Cooperations with globally beloved gaming IPs at product level, anything is possible. “

The study also provides information about the gaming behavior of the Swiss: At 83 percent, most people play on their smartphones. The favorite game of the Swiss is Mario Kart with 48 percent. This is closely followed by Candy Crush.

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