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On Wednesday evening, Sparkasse Schwaz Handball Tirol provided an impressive equalizer in the quarter-final series of the HLA MEISTERLIGA against ALPLA HC Hard. In the home game, the Adler defeated the reigning champions 32:19 (16:11) and thus forced the decisive game next Saturday in Vorarlberg (7 p.m., live on LAOLA1).

The revenge for the tight 25:26 in the first quarterfinal match was successful – and how. With an outstanding home performance, Sparkasse Schwaz Handball Tirol won the decisive third game against the defending champion ALPLA HC Hard on Wednesday. In front of around 600 spectators, the hosts celebrated their first win against Hard since autumn 2020; and the first success in the Osthalle since November 2018. The unexpectedly clear 32:19 was a clear announcement that there will be a hot match for promotion to the semi-finals next Saturday. The dismayed Harder want to fight back, the Tyroleans want to build on the previous quarter-final performance.

Sebastian Spendier scored the first goal of the game, Luca Raschle immediately equalized. The initial phase was marked by touches and mistakes on both sides, the 2:1 by Petar Medic only fell after five minutes – Hard answered with the 2:2. The outstanding Medic – twelve goalscorer at the end of the evening – made it 5:3 in the 12th minute. Ivan Horvat reduced the score to 4:5. The guests stayed on until the 6:7 from a seven-meter throw by Nico Schnabl, but then the Tyroleans played themselves into a real frenzy. With an extremely strong Aliaksei Kishou in goal and a compact cover in front of it as a basis, Sparkasse Schwaz Handball Tirol pulled away by up to 16:9. ALPLA Hard scored two more goals before the break, at 11:16 the champions supposedly stayed in the game.

But the eagles would not stop; But on the contrary. They forced Hard to make mistakes and, for their part, used their opportunities almost mercilessly. And so dismantled the Harder in front of a frenetic audience in the east hall. 21:11 by Petar Medic (38th).

Gerald Zeiner added the 22:11. 24:12 was the unbelievable intermediate result after 42 minutes. Hard didn’t have the means to start catching up – the Tyroleans were too strong that evening. So towards the end of the game, both teams happily swapped through; the meeting had long since been decided. Hard had come to terms with the decisive game, the hosts continued to present themselves consistently. Youngster Tobias Grothues scored from seven meters to make it 30:18; The final goals of the evening at 31:19 and the final score of 32:19 were reserved for Michael Miskovez.

Gerald Zeiner, player coach Sparkasse Schwaz Handball Tirol: “We knew that we had to perform as well as we did in the away game for the full 60 minutes to beat Hard – it’s of course sensational that we can do it so extraordinarily well. An outstanding match from us, we played our game consistently and never really let Hard come into play. That’s really good, now we’ve shown that we can beat them. And with that confidence we will go to Hard – we said last Saturday that we will come back, now it’s a reality. Today we can be happy, but this is only a snapshot; from tomorrow the focus will be on that
Decisive game, we need such a concentrated performance again. And we will prepare for that, we want to get through to the semi-finals.”

Nico Schnabl, ALPLA HC Hard: “We have to get the match out of our heads as quickly as possible, everything just went wrong. We didn’t find our game right from the start, hardly anything really worked. It wasn’t that noticeable at first, but it was towards the end of the first half. In the second half we tried attacking 7 against 6, but unlike last Saturday it didn’t work this time. We now have the chance to do better next Saturday and make it to the semi-finals in front of our fans. We can do it with a different appearance than today.”


VF2: Game 2: Sparkasse Schwaz Handball Tirol vs. ALPLA HC Hard 32:19 (16:11)
Wed, Apr 27, 2022 at 7:30 p.m
Thrower Sparkasse Schwaz Handball Tyrol: Petar Medic (12), Michael Miskovez (6), Dario Lochner (5), Sebastian Spendier (3), Alexander Wanitschek (2), Clemens Wilfling (2), Gerald Zeiner (1), Tobias Grothues (1)
Thrower ALPLA HC Hard: Nico Schnabl (5), Luca Raschle (4), Karolis Antanavicius (2), Srdjan Predragovic (2), Lukas Schweighofer (2), Dominik Schmid (1), Paul Schwärzler (1), Ivan Horvat (1), Jadranko Stojanovic (1)
The statistics

Game 1: ALPLA HC Hard vs. Sparkasse Schwaz Handball Tirol 26:25 (10:13)
Sat, April 23, 2022 at 7:00 p.m
The statistics

Game 3: ALPLA HC Hard vs. Sparkasse Schwaz Handball Tirol
Sat, April 30, 2022 at 7:00 p.m
Live on LAOLA1
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