Just landed in the France team, Ethan Dumortier did not hesitate to make fun of the tricolor staff during his hazing.

Ethan Dumortier had a sensational debut with the Blues. Consequence of the injury of his Toulon teammate Gabin Villière. His first start against Italy remains a strong memory. “The fateful moment is the announcement of the group, on Wednesday after high intensity training. It was still a great moment for me to learn that I was going to play my first match with the XV of France. Immediately afterwards, I called my family to let them know.he thus told in the columns of the Olympic South.

If he quickly convinced staff and teammates, the young winger was not proud when he arrived at the Blues. “At the start of the Tournament, looking around me, I wondered what I was doing there…”, he assured. However, these doubts did not prevent him from playing the cheeky card during his hazing in front of the France group. “With the XV of France, we have to make a presentation, play a sketch or sing a song in front of all the players and the staff. It can also be a slightly bogus magic trick, anything…”he explained.

Concerning him, this “anything” will have been a sketch during which the Toulonnais did not hesitate to make fun of the staff of the Blues! “I made a Powerpoint presentation with rather funny videos of the staff to make fun of them a little! At first I didn’t dare too much, and then I started. I admit that it was a bit risky, all the same”, he revealed, happy with his effect. It is clear that in view of his five tenures in five matches, the staff of the Blues has a sense of humor and did not hold it against him.

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