A photo of Carlos Tevez surrounded by 12 people, all without a mask or social distancing, sparked controversy around the Boca player.

Similarly, after a short time he himself took care of first making a statement and then talking to Intratables, on América TV, to deny everything that was said, as after that image they had played a football game.

+ Tevez’s statement:

Taking advantage of the fact that they already had him there, they asked him about the possible return of Argentine football, and the ‘Apache’ made his position clear.

It goes totally against everything we heard from Marcelo Gallardo weeks ago, who pushed for a return to training as soon as possible.

“I have my opinion, there is a lot of pressure from all sides. Soccer has many businesses, but with sick and dying people it is difficult. It is difficult to return now with the hospitals collapsed. We cannot get out of that reality, for me it is not time to return Later, with the companies and the soccer businesses I cannot get involved. If we cannot train from here to August 10, the date of the Conmebol is changed. The club and the AFA know that we cannot burn stages. that, but that people are healthy, that this happens quickly and that it returns to normal. I do not worry that the Conmebol sets a date, it is tentative. If we do not train again, it will be difficult for us to play“the ’10’ started.

Later, he revealed that his relatives were infected by the pandemic: “This is all very ugly. I have people close to me who have a hard time, like my father-in-law and my mother-in-law, the truth is that I was able to get them out, but they were hospitalized. It touched all of us and luckily they were able to get out.”

And I add: “So one feels hurt, I have the family here sheltered, calm. But this grabs us all. You are sensitive, angry with this whole situation, I want people to take care of themselves. You have to take care of yourself, do everything possible to make this happen quickly. “

Beyond all this, to close, he warned: “This is handled by the AFA and the clubs. If Boca tells me to show up, we return to Buenthe Aires “.